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Maintaining your landscape not only keeps the integrity of the original landscape design but can also keep your property from looking prematurely dated. Your landscape is an ever changing living element, but plants are easy to manipulate as long as attention is paid to their specific required living conditions.

There are many different aspects to maintaining your landscape; spring and fall cleanups will help keep leaf debris from building up. Annual mulch applications will give your landscape a fresh look and add much needed nutrient and moisture-holding properties to the soil.

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Pruning is another important aspect to maintaining your landscape. Pruning is done not only to keep plants in check but also to maintain health, vigor and for visual aesthetics. Without annual pruning the plants in your landscape would become large and overbearing, and may even crowd your walkway or other plants within the landscape.

Regular bed maintenance is also a very important aspect to caring for your garden. If not kept in check faster growing weeds will compete for nutrients and eventually overwhelm your plants. The longer weeds remain in your landscape, the harder it will be to remove them from your garden. As your landscape matures, less bed maintenance will be required – but your landscape will never be maintenance free. Remember your garden is alive and always changing.